New York Advanced Academy Dates

Hi all,

Here is the Academy Calendar for the HCM classes.
Hair Color Magic has four classes under its "umbrella":
Hair Color Magic Formulation
Hair Color Magic Shapes (placement)
Color Categories (Focusing on Blonds, Red, Browns)
Color Harmony (Choice of level and Tone for each Guest)

Courses in New York will be on ...
February 20-22     Hair Color Magic (formulation)
April 17-18           On the Road HCM Des Moines, IA (formulation)
May 15-17            Shapes (placement)
June 26-28          Color Categories (blonds, red, browns)

Make sure to call now for enrollment. These will fill out fast for this first half of the year.
1800 283 3244

I hope I get to see you for 2011. Till then Color the world beautifully!