With the last Hair Color Magic 3day course NYC 2010 behind me, I was reflecting on what I learned from this last course. The reflection focus is for us to embrace our “ask me how I know” moments.

For those of you who have attended the course, my phrase I use when I give an example of a “variation” or “challenges in formulas” that I have done is, “ask me how I know”.  For some reason we avoid those moments then we squash our creativity. Our “challenged formulas” are what we learn from.

Day to day we receive guests/clients in our chairs and will do the same formula. Most of the time we do not recommend something new because what we have been using for the past formula is “FINE”. Where do we loose our creativity? Doing the same thing over and over again and not thinking about what could be.

My challenge to the participants of HCM is to not mix the mid length and ends until you have assessed and decided what the mid length & ends NEED.  Remember, You Are The Hair Whisperer! Make a new formula each time they guest comes in.  Formulate as if the regular guest in your chair is a new client and you will find you will have different ways of getting to where you want to be. Creativity soars!

For the final 2010 HCM course & to all of the participants of HCM, thanks for the great time and start your “ask me how I know” list!

Embrace your creativity and keep writing with your left hand!