Why is it on the busiest of days, half of our guests/clients want a "change" to their color and we are either not in the mood (because we are double booked), or don't have the time to do it. Reality...We cannot afford NOT to!

With the season changing and new fall pallets coming out, we all could use a few more bucks in our pockets with the holidays coming around.

There are techniques that we can do by "cheating" on a color application. For example; your guest/client is in your chair...she wants something different...apply her new growth and add a few pieces of texture with color with a color melting technique. You can add a few around the face by adding highlight and low-lights. (In the fall I prefer low-lights to bring down the "summer shimmer")
We all know color doesn't lift color, however, anything with a high ammonia content and 30

volume/40 volume will clean out that hair shaft and be reflective of light. (I would suggest to stay in the same tonal family) It would take all of 10 minutes to put 6 pieces of texture in and your ticket can increase up to $40.00 or more.
What other industry can we do a little extra with the client/guest ALREADY IN OUR CHAIR!
It is easier to create more income by the client/guest that is there than getting new clients.


Peace, Lupe

Loving the Color