Seasonal Sensation



What does Spring/Summer say to you?


Where we find our inspirations can guide us to what our end results are. I find inspiration in words. For me, words can describe color and feeling…the Sensation of Color.


Spring/Summer words:

Fresh, Airy, Clean, Open, Cool, Bright, Bold, Light, Hot, Sunny, Warm


Connecting words to color palettes. When looking at the different colors and color combinations, what sensation or feeling do you get? Does it describe what you see? Does it feel right to you?

For Color Palettes and combinations, I have found some inspirations recently at Johannes Itten’s information at


Putting Words to Work

Color Recommendations

For Spring/Summer Hair Color, transition your guests into lighter colors and bolder placements. 

For our cool skin/eye tone guests, adding more cool & natural beige

 (Light, Cool, Fresh)

For the warm skin/eye tone guests, incorporating a golden apricot & Butter Blonde

 (Light, Hot, Sunny, Warm)


Techniques & Placements

For the guests who like texture and dimension created with foil placements … bold weaves and contrast in level choice

(Bold, Fresh, Clean)

For “beach-y” highlights. The “tipping” and “singles” techniques both create the melted highlight effects that happens naturally from the sun. These techniques are done by backcombing a woven or a bold square parting, to defuse the highlight as it is introduced to that section.  This leaves the ends with more bold color.

For the techniques on foiling, see the Aveda Art & Science of Hair Color & Texture curriculum available through Aveda.


For the “open to maintenance” guests… all over block color Blonde

 (Fresh, Airy, Clean, Open, Bright, Bold, Light, Hot, Sunny, Warm, Cool). 

Using a “Blonde on Blonde” palette. Creating a contrast in tone, i.e. keep the tone suited for the guest around their face to compliment their skin and eye tone, then placing the contrasting tone throughout the rest of the placement.

Our guests are as excited about Spring & Summer as we are. It is the time to start planting the seed for their next appointment to work them into their New Seasonal Sensation…COLOR!