Over time it is only natural we become more comfortable with our clients, and our discussions can turn to subjects other then hair. The general rule to remember is 70% – 30%, your conversation should revolve around the client 70% of the time and 30% of the time should be spent with your feedback. This is the time for our clients to get away from “it all” and time for us to get them ready for their “runway”…Their life.

  1. Careful what you say to each other about your leisure time.
  2. I’ve seen this happen time and time again in all types of establishments. Two employees begin talking about their leisure time and completely forget a client is over hearing everything they are talking about. We have to be sensitive to offending anyone that is within earshot.
  3. Discuss reaching a sales goal with a fellow employee.
  4. Recently I applied for a warehouse store membership card, because of the” kick-back” dollars and incentives it made sense to purchase the top package. Within minutes at least two employees were congratulating the sales associate for closing a triple play…while I was standing there! Honestly, I was offended and felt foolish for the purchase I had just made. Is this the way you would want your client to feel?
  5. Talk down about another Salon or Stylist.
  6. At times a new client may want you to confirm that they received a bad service or color from another salon. In this situation it is best to turn the conversation positive by suggesting and explaining why a new look would work best for them. Give them a solid consultation.
  7. Discuss other clients with them.
  8. Guests who are exposed to this kind of discussion surly will be thinking “If she talks about them, what does she say about me ”  and the person in the next chair might know whom you are talking about!
  9. Be a “Debbie Downer”.
  10. We all like to vent our problems but when you are with a client it is not the time or the place. We have to remember this is our client’s time to get away and get spoiled. We have chosen to be service providers. It is our main objective.
  11. Discuss discounted prices.
  12. Any type of discount and price adjustments should be done in an area where you have privacy. It could be a challenge for some clients that are around to hear someone else getting a different price for the same service.
  13. Discuss religion or politics.
  14. Be sensitive to what people’s beliefs are. You might be on the same page with your client, but think about the other clients in the room. Who is sitting next to you?
  15. Make sure you know what was done to a client’s hair before giving a compliment…
  16. If you compliment a client on her hair going darker and their stylist just spent 2 ½ hours giving her highlights, she will not be happy. If you compliment a client that she looks better with shorter hair and she asked her stylist not to take length off, she will not be happy… Get the picture?Just tell them they look beautiful or amazing!
  17. Be intuitive to your client … do they want to talk?
  18. There are times when I can tell a client wants to stay quiet, or read. It is their time to “be”.  Give a couple of leads…if they don’t take it, shhhhhhh!
  19. And finally, never say “No” to a client.
  20. If you don’t know the answer to a clients question let them know you will do your best to get an answer and get back to them. If a client asked for something you cannot deliver on, always try to give them an alternative or option.