Shades Of Enlightenment vs Full Spectrum Permanent 10N


So we are faced with a color situation. When I was told about the Shades of Enlightenment...I put on my Hair Color Magic hat and started doing some formulas on Guests and on swatches.    The guidelines Aveda has sent are beautiful and they do work.  These formulas all gave me similar results to Shades of Enlightenment.

We (colorists) have been wanting to mix pure tones in our Shades for years and now this is the opportunity to create OUR own formulas. No one needs to jump!!!!  Share with the others when we create formulas like these we need to think about what texture, type, and density they are applying these formulas on. We can make them soft...or...we can make them strong. We are a completely creative color line and what an opportunity to take their blonds to the next level.  
Shades was our first color category we released back in the day. It doesn't mean that Shades is the only choice for blonds. We have always had the Full Spectrum 10N as a choice, but didn't use it.  It works...from buttery blonds to cool beige blonds. Now, we get to mix it!
I did get a question about cost. A 40g Shades of Enlightenment application comes to $3.60. A Full Spectrum 10N applications goes from $3.54-$4.66 depending on the amount of pure tone you add.
The technical Hot-line would love to have our feedback. Let's get everyone to post their favorite formulas on

I hope this helps...I'll be around if you need help with some formulas. Just remember to add the texture, type, and density of the guest for a fast response.