Welcome our new Violet Red Pure Tone


Welcome our new Violet/Red Pure Tone

For the Hair Color segment at Congress this year we featured our new Full Spectrum™ Permanent Protective Creme Hair Color to be launched January 2012, one of our new addition to the Pure Tone family, Violet/Red.

Working with the new Violet/Red was exciting. There are so many uses and combinations; our color line has so many options to create cool Intense and Natural V/R Reds, V/R Natural Browns, and options to create fun Toners for our Blonde Guests.

The  V/R Pure Tone can be used with the new Intense Base, 0N Universal Creme, and the Full Spectrum™ Permanent Protective Creme Hair Color.

We listened to what you asked for in our Reds and you asked for a cooler Red Violet... and you've got it! The V/R is cooler than what we are used to seeing in our Red/Violet Pure Tone as it stands now. For those of you who have a warmer aesthetic, it is easy to warm up the V/R by adding the new Pure Pigment RED, by matching Pure Tone increments.  

How exciting to have a new addition to our Pure Tones. Enjoy!