Approach to COLOR


We all have our favorite hair color placement. We all have a way of placing foils. We all have our favorite formulas that are safe.  Safe is where we love to be.

I can remember when I would try a new formula and pray that the formula would come out. I would pace until I would hear the timer ring…From the time I would take down the foils through the shampoo and treatment I would be staring at the “end result” to see if I was even close to my target level and tone… reminding myself to breath!

After the shampoo, feeling a little dizzy from lack of oxygen, I would bring my guest back to my workstation and start the comb out… Again, reminding myself to breath and not making eye contact with my guest until I knew she like what she saw! As I would comb each section down, praying the color laid perfectly for the haircut. The cut she has had for a few years… A bob.

Still trying to assess the end result of the formula, I would then begin to assess the placement. Then my guest would drop the bomb… “I want to do something new with my cut… Let’s layer it today!”  Okay, not breathing! I should have changed my approach to my color service. Cut first, then place color for her new cut!

If really is up to us to make sure we know what we will be doing on our next appointment for our guests. If we pre book them, we should have a PLAN on what we are going to do with their hair the NEXT time they come in.

I’ve heard there is a statistic that states, “Our guests leave because they are bored”. I know we have benchmarks that monitor our pre-booking. Some stylist have a challenge with pre-booking. I believe it is because we miss an important step that begins in our consultation.

During our consult we give our guests options, time frame, cost, maintenance, and home care. What we need to include is a client retention guarantee catch phrase! Our client retention guarantee phrase is… “For your next appointment we will…” or“season is changing and we should add low-lights to give you some richness through the color, so our next appointment we will do…”.  This is a great time to do a few test strands. Try formulas you want to do on your guest on their next appointment. This way you can breath during the processing and shampoo time. Try new cheating formulas. Make “unpredictable color, predictable”.

(Make sure to write down what you chat about!)

When you are walking your guest up for her make-up and product purchase, this is the time to remind her of her next service. Now you will know how to schedule her service.

“Because we are changing your haircut next service, we will cut first then color”.

Changing your approach keeps things interesting for you and for your guest.