Favorite Formula

Okay... Favorite formula from this weekend's Hair Color Magic 3 day NYC ...  
First one: Totally not recommend by Aveda!!!

Starting level 6
Texture, Type, and Density- straight, fine, medium
Mids and ends- previously colored 8YO
New Growth:

Full Spectrum™ Permanent

  • 7N 40g
  • B (pure pigment) .5g
  • VB 2g
  • 10 volume/20 volume 40ml

Mids and ends:
Full Spectrum™ Permanent
Universal 0N 20g
7N 20g
VB 3g
YO 2g

Liquid Activator (deposit only color treatment) (soooo not recommended by Aveda. You could do 5 volume. It is a bit thicker in texture. This was great to work through the hair)

Extra Lifting Creme 20g
10 volume 40ml (because of the previous colored hair and her hair type, I didn't need any more than 10 volume power with the Extra Lifting Creme.)