reVISIONed Hair Color

With the Aveda Hair Color, I find we have so many options with how we use the product. 

During the Purefessional™ training of the reVISIONed Hair Color, we had a segment of models to do to actually see the Hair Color Perform. 
During this segment, my dear friend/ Purefessional™/Salon Owner, Stephen Falvo's model was a grey coverage model. What a perfect opportunity to see how our new Hair Color works!!! So we decided to do three different formula scenarios to see what would happen.

These were three different formulas:
40g 7N + 8g lt VB + 40ml 20 volume
40g 7N + 8g lt NN + 8g lt VB + 40ml 20 volume
40g 7N + 8g lt NN + 8g lt YO + 8g Lt VB + 40ml 20 volume

The beauty of it all...we have options of "finishes"... 
 Translucent, Sheer, Opaque.

They were all a true level 7. Before, the first two would appear to be a level 8... The last scenario would be a level 7. 

We have options of finishes... If your Guest's aesthetic is more towards the natural look of Grey Blending (low maintenance). You could go with Natural Level + Pure tone. 
If they prefer more of a highlight effect (more than grey blending) without the commitment of the service, they can do the Natural + NN + Pure Tone. 
If they want to cover the grey completely, you can do Natural Series + NN + YO + Pure Tone. 
I found these scenarios to be excellent in the Blond Families and Red Families, as well. 

Taking your grey coverage Guests aesthetic into account during your Hair Color Consultation is so important for your choice in "Finish". Now get your look books ready and make some pretty color!!!!