New Opportunity

It happened on Monday. I received THE CALL that the salon had been broken into and we were missing our computers! (GASP) Years of information gone. I wasn’t very concerned because I knew we had the back-up system. When I got down to the salon I realized the thieves took the back up, as well! (GASP again)

 Not only did we have our appointments on that machine… we also had ALL OF OUR FORMULAS = Pandemonium!

Tuesday Morning:

Team starts to filter in and on hearing the news started panicking. They were concerned about who was coming and what their formulas were.

 We all gathered and had to come up with a plan. I asked my team to look at it in a different light. Sure we were burglarized and yes ALL of our information was taken. This was an opportunity to break out of what we normally do.

Instead of getting stressed out about who was coming in next we chose to be appreciative and happy to see the Guest when they got there!

Instead of stressing about what their formulas were, this became an opportunity to do something new and exciting without the crutch of doing what they always did.

End result- excited and happy Guests and confident Hair Colorists.

The Guests were happy and excited about their new looks and fun new formulas.

The Colorists were taken to a new level of mastery their profession. They all embraced the challenge!

When we re-grouped at the end of the week the team had realized how they were working in the past – pre-burglary. They were doing the same formulas, time after time because the formulas worked and were safe. However, they were bored at what they were doing and they realized most of their Guests were, too.  What is the number one reason why our Guests leave the salon? “ Being bored with my hair and my stylist”.

In my trainings, I teach that you may have the same new growth formula consistently, but the mid-lengths and ends should never be mixed and should always change with what the hair needs. This will be determined in your consultation, which is the opportunity to upsell a service. Always consider dimensional foils, adding highlights or maybe low-lights or, if the hair is missing level and tone, spruce it all up!

Your Guests hair will tell you what it needs. Our notes should be for reference purposes only.  You Are The Hair Whisperer!

So, yes, I believe we should formulate our existing Guests as if they are new and we know nothing of what we did their last visit. It will keep you from becoming bored with what you are doing and taking your craft to the next level. Are you ready for the challenge?

p.s. Oh yeah… we are now backing up and on line!