Favorite Formulas of the Moment - HCM Essentials Team

Full Spectrum™ Protective Permanent Hair Color & Full Spectrum™ Deep

Jeffrey Scott

This is a warm Butterscotch formula one I have been using lately.

40g 8N or 9N
3g Light YO FSD
3g Light OY FSD
Texture, Type & Density:
Straight (Or Wavy), Medium & Medium
For Coarse or Curly hair I use a Strong Formula (50% more)

Pastel Blonde Series

Dawn Schenk

One of my new favorite high-light formulas.

20g Extra Lifting Creme
2G Pastel Violet
2G Pastel Blue
20 or 30 Volume (depending on the starting level)

Full Spectrum™Protective Permanent Hair Color & Pastel Blonde Series

Hayley Chadwick-Reeb

I have been obsessed with putting Pastel Blue in all my current blonde formulas for natural level 6-10. It helps the hair from looking warm and is the perfect beige blonde.
Texture, Type & Density:
Straight, Fine & Thin AND Wavy, Medium & Medium = Soft Formula
Curly, Coarse & Thick I use a standard Formula

Full Spectrum™ Protective Permanent Hair Color & Pastel Blonde Series

Terry Varty

I feel the addition of the 10N in this formula gives an ash finish with less chance of picking up the hue of the pure tone.  EX: too blue, or too violet

Toner on Pre-lightened hair level 8-10

10G 10N
30G  Extra Lifting Creme or Intense Base
1-8G  either Light Pure Tone FSP or Pastel Pure Tone
40G  5 - 10 Volume

Full Spectrum™ Protective Permanent Hair Color & Pastel Blonde Series

Luis Gonzalez

My favorite formulas right know are beige. I love 8, 9 & 10 with Pastel V and VB.
I've been doing a lot of Extra Lifting Creme and 20 Volume with Pastel V & B, also VB.
I also love 5N Full Spectrum™ Permanent Protective Hair Color with Green Pure Pigment and VB.

Full Spectrym™ Deposit Only Color Treatment & Full Spectrum™ Protective Permanent Hair Color

Kelly McCarty

This formula is for our sun loving blonde guests who need lasting depth without the sun aggressively warming their hair up.

4-6G Lt BB FSP
20ml Deposit Only Treatment Liquid Activator

Full Spectrum™ Deep

Lupe Voss

For my "go to" formula for a natural/neutral grey coverage formula on WHITE hair:

Shade 40g (choose SHADE 1 level higher than desired LEVEL)
NN  Pure Tone for Shade choice
Pure Tone for Shade choice
Classic 20 Volume 40ml (1:1 Shade and Catalyst)
Process for 30 minutes

For My favorite Beige Blonde formula at the moment.
9N 40G
BGr 4G
Catalyst 40ml (depends on starting level and hair Type)

Full Spectrum™ Protective Permanent Hair Color & Pastel Blonde Series

Phillip Todd

My favorite formulas for Summer have been inspired by the golds and reds of the Art of Nature Collection. I love a highlighted strawberry blonde with level 7 Fine, medium, medium hair.

20G Extra Lifting Creme
4 g pastel YO
1 g red pure pigment
 40 ml 20 volume color catalyst
Soft gold with just a hint of the berry.