Formulation Tolerance


When it comes to creative formulations, Instead of “Why?”… Why not ask “Why Not?”.

I love to hear philosophies on hair color; how colorists develop a color formula and try to follow their thought process.

Over the years, I have heard of different ways to approach color formulas and I have quickly learned, there really isn’t a right or wrong way as long as your end result is what your Guest is expecting. It makes me uncomfortable when I read/hear formulas are criticized or mocked. Why would we take a formula so personally? I believe it is because we do not understand the formula and/or the process.

Recently I read a post on a social network from a colorist being creative, mixing pure tones and developers and was in her beautiful moment of “successful formulation bliss” only to have another colorist go on a rant on the discussion. He went on… “WHY bother with all the mixing of pure tones and developers, remember…keep It Simple Stupid”. (My eyebrows raised while reading this)

The process of a creating a formula is our own work. We need to embrace that. There is more than one way to get home with a formula and if we GET to mix it up a bit … let us celebrate! One of the beautiful benefits of the Aveda color line is we CAN create by intermixing components. The product is amazing, truly, an artist’s pallet.

Think about what type of colorist you are: are you one to follow the rules? Are you the colorist that will try anything once, blindfolded? Are you the mad chemist and create formulas that no one could possibly understand? Are you the colorist who researches all possibilities before coming to a conclusion? Or are you straight by the book? Each and every one of your formulas can work and be completely different!

There are different approaches and we need to be tolerant, and also accepting of the different processes. We need to honor and respect one another and be curious.  Ask questions of what was the process to get to the point of view of that formula. That is how we become creative and grow in our craft. Sharing and learning from others. It may not be YOUR WAY, as long as the Guest is happy and it is the color you wanted… celebrate.

Why would I? Because I CAN! It is the beauty of having a color line with many possibilities!

Never Stop Learning!

- Lupe Voss