Processing Color with Heat

I recently started questioning the act of using heat to process Aveda Hair Color. If any subject can divide the world of Hair Colorists, it is this particular topic. Keep in mind that my intent is not to pass judgment on those who use heat with color, but to share my experience with it.

I’ve spoken to many Colorists who have used heat with hair color and firmly believe that there is no problem with this technique. It is thought that adding heat will accelerate processing, increase lift or somehow make the hair color molecules penetrate the hair shaft more effectively. In my experience, heat will accelerate the process and perhaps increase lift, but it will do both at the cost of the integrity or health of the hair and the quality of your service.

Essential oils are responsible for the great conditioning properties of our color. Heat itself can also create damage and porosity issues to the hair shaft, and color fades when hair is porous. Heat will also compromise these essential oils and potentially cause unexpected results, including diminished grey coverage and more warmth than desired. It is also known that heat does not make the hair color molecules go deeper into the hair shaft.

 Basically, you will jeopardize your end results by processing Aveda Hair Color with heat. Compromised results and compromised condition ultimately compromise your guests’ experience.

Allowing the color to process at room temp allows the Essential Oils to work properly and condition while the color and Enlightener processes. You can see a tonal value difference and your Guest will experience less fadage in their color.

All this considered, why are you really using heat? If you need to accelerate the color processing time, then ask yourself why. Is it to create more revenue?  Then consider raising the price of the service and let your color process as it is intended to.  

Aveda Hair Color is amazing, but Aveda Hair Color requires forethought and planning. By rushing the process you risk compromising the beauty and standards that make Aveda Hair Color a prestigious product supported by a prestigious service.

Color on my fellow Colorists! (hopefully without heat)