HCM Quick Tip - Lose The Green Cast On Your Cool Tones

There are times we have been in our color grove only to be surprised with a green cast on our Blondes and Brunettes.

During formulation, we know to add blue tones to our formula to neutralize orange that is present in the hair.

At times working on an uneven porous pallet can contribute to oversaturation of tone, especially on our blondes.

Blue (pure tone)

+ Yellow (NRP)


In Color Theory we learn to cancel green with red and all should be good. However, adding red to a formula that should have a cool (blue) reflection can be devastating. The chance of your end result reflecting warmth is very possible. (Ask me how I know!)

We know to make green we need blue and yellow. We want to keep the blue for the cool reflective tone loose the yellow. 
Going back to Color Theory again… yellow is neutralized by violet, leaving the blue alone. 

In order to get rid of the yellow we need violet. We have a very powerful tool in our Color Lab that has a violet base and can be done quickly - Ash Blonde Finish Toner.

Simply apply the Blonde Finish toner to the hair and watch the green cast disappear. 

For non Aveda hair color users; Any flash toner with a violet base will take out that haunting green cast. 

Strive to be the colorist that knows how to correct all challenges that happen in color.