Most craft hairdressers realize the importance of a well-curated tool-bag – but you might not know that coloring hair (not just cutting) requires a special set of tools, too. Each tool is capable of creating a unique, finished look, which ultimately gives clients the look they’re after. Not sure which tools to stock in your bag? Keep reading to get my must-have list.

Pin tail combs


  • Fine hair. Perfect for fine or thinning strands, a fine to medium toothed comb, such as the YS Park 102, creates precision parts, plus can be used to backcomb the hair when utilizing the ‘tipping’ technique. Fine to medium teeth help to grab stubborn hairs, whereas a wider toothed comb will allow strands to slip through, leading to ineffective backcombing.
  • Thick hair. A wide toothed, pin tail comb is the ideal choice for backcombing and ‘tipping’ thick or coarse locks. Conversely, fine or medium toothed combs can grab too much hair at once, preventing effective backcombing from the mid lengths, up. Wider teeth will give bulky strands the room they need to move up.
  • Consider length. Pin tail combs come in a variety of lengths. For long or thick hair, pick a comb with a longer tail, such as the YS Park 122. Shorter tails can get tangled in lengthy locks – which is frustrating, to be sure.


  • Duck bill clips. To clip sections up and out of the way, turn to the strength of Venustar Skinny Clips, which feature hair-holding divots, perfect for keeping strands where you want them. Note: These clips should not be clipped onto foils. Fastening foils with a duck billed clip can cause unsightly shadowing in your clients color, leading to a less than desirable finished product.

Wide tooth comb

To comb through and detangle strands saturated in color, reach for a wide toothed comb. Useful on all hair types and textures, the YS Park 452 boasts wide yet gentle teeth that won’t irritate the scalp or pull product off of the hair as you comb.

Hair painting & blending brush

Your perfect painting brush is dependent upon your clay bleach or hair painting product. Ideally, you want your brush to smudge and blend your product evenly. Look for a brush that has bristles that are firm at the base and soft at the tip, such as the HCM Power Painting Brush.

Disposable eyebrow brush


If you’re aiming to take you client darker, a disposable eyebrow brush is the tool of choice; use this simple but effective tool to apply color to hairlines – minus the muss and fuss. 

Backcombing & teasing


For a soft-blended effect when applying your color, reach for the YS Park 150, which touts quick-acting backcombing – in one simple upward motion.


Remember: While tools are an important factor in your haircutting business, they’re equally important to your color application, too. Good tools can determine the success of your results, so for beautiful color, reach for top-notch tools.