Repair and Revitalize Warm Weather Damage - Plus get Autumn Ready with On-Trend Hues


Whether your clients are fresh off the beach, or have spent the warm weather months hitting the local trails, you’re more than likely seeing a good amount of damaged strands. From amplified UV rays to prolonged hours spent languishing poolside – summer fun can really take a toll.

Increased porosity and fadeout can be frustrating and difficult to correct – and this is particularly true when we’re faced with guests looking for a cool weather change. But with the right tips and tricks, achieving bombshell blonds, luxuriously rich brunettes and ravishing reds can be a snap. Read on to find out how you can repair and correct UV damage – and get chic ideas for updating your clients hue, so they’re cool-weather ready.

Fun in the sun – and the issue of porosity

Warm weather activities make summer the most coveted season of the year – but UV rays and chlorine can be less than kind to your hair. Both elements can cause physical damage to your client’s strands – think increased breakage, dehydration, loss of shine and opened cuticles – making it difficult for color to stay put, plus creating locks that are rough to the touch. For top-notch results, these issues must be addressed both pre and post color service. Here are my fail-safe tips for rehabilitating compromised strands.

  • In-salon treatment. A deep-conditioning treatment can help to jump-start healing by infusing damaged strands with vital nutrients, plus helping to close down open cuticles. Ensure that you have enough time to offer this service by pre-booking your clients (read more on the power of pre-booking, here).
  • Re-evaluate at-home care. Damaged locks require deep-down hydration, and strand-smoothing proteins. I recommend a once-weekly deep-conditioning treatment; this can help to heal tattered tresses – and get them in their best condition, which will pave the way for a more successful color service.

The fall runway report: On-trend hues

When it comes to updating your client’s strands for a unique cool-weather look, anything goes: From toned-down ombré styles to rich burgundy reds, fall’s runways showcased a variety of enviable hues. My advice is to garner a collection of on-trend inspiration pieces (such as the ones featured here) for your pre-service consultation session – and let your guest take it from there. Remember, changes (large or small) can take more time, so encourage your client to pre-book accordingly. When looking for inspiration, use the key phrases, here.

  • Rooty blondes. You might be thinking ombré – but this is far subtler, and better suited to your mature clientele. Proffering a ‘lived in’ elegance, this style may take a bit of work to implement – but it’s a cinch to maintain. Lazy girls rejoice!

Toned-down ombrés. This ever-popular look is continuously evolving – and fall 2016 ushers in a far more subtle variation of this sometimes bold technique. Use three shades to create enhanced versatility and movement.

Crimson lights. Shades of red are always on-trend, but autumn is a particularly good time to implement them. Aim for hues reminiscent of fall foliage: think burgundy and copper.

Nude Hair. Featuring an even balance of warm and cool tones, this look creates a harmonious blend of shades – which work in tandem to cancel each other out – and create a fresh and neutral color.

  • Though repairing warm-weather ravaged strands can seem like a difficult job, with the no-fuss techniques included here, you can reverse damage – and get your client’s locks in their best shape – in no time flat. Remember to celebrate the change in seasons with simple but cool updates – and you’ll keep your guests happy and your books full, all year long.