Shampoo Alternatives – and why I’m loving them

Most stylists’ advocate washing the hair sparingly to maintain integrity and shine, plus extend color longevity. While this tried and true practice serves the majority of my guests quite well, I’ve recently discovered the benefits of shampoo alternatives – and I’m a huge fan!

But you might be wondering, ‘what exactly is a shampoo alternative’ – and why should I consider using one on my clients?’ Shampoo alternatives rely on non-foaming surfactants to remove sebum, dirt and debris from the hair – and because they forgo the use of harsh detergents – they won’t strip strands of their pigment the way that traditional cleansers can. Here, I share the ways in which you can use an shampoo alternatives to help to preserve color, and keep hair soft and shiny, now – and in between color services.

Fashion Colors

If you have a client that enjoys wearing fashion-colors, a shampoo alternatives might be the perfect addition to their already-existing beauty regimen. This is because alternative shampoos can work to remove dirt and oil (plus product during color services) – but also – usually contains high-end oils to help to keep strands soft and shiny. In my salon, I use Aveda Be-Curly Co-Wash, which contains organic Babassu oil.

Clients with pre-existing porosity issues can experience fadeout, faster, and an alternative shampoo can help to slowdown, or significantly diminish, the occurrence of ‘washed out’ fashion shades.

Homecare quick-tip: For color that lasts longer, I recommend using a color-safe shampoo on the scalp, and a shampoo alternatives on the mid-lengths and ends.

Blonde-Finish Toner Removal

Though I always advise multiple passes when shampooing out color products, when removing stubborn blonde toners, I use an alternative shampoo on the first pass; this is because the rich oils contained in a shampoo alternative can help to remove stubborn residue, while mending and protecting locks.

Quick-tip: To preserve color, plus maintain soft and shiny strands, I like to use a shampoo alternative on the first pass. This can help to soothe and nourish worn locks. For the second pass, I follow up with a color-safe shampoo. 

Enlightener Removal

When removing bleach products, I recommend shampooing three times; this is because left-behind bleach can result in increased porosity and uneven results when glossing.  

Quick-tip: For your first two passes, implement a color-safe shampoo. For the third and final pass, use a nourishing shampoo alternative. For the best results, choose an alternative shampoo that’s infused with nourishing botanical oils, such as the Babassu oil in Aveda Be-Curly Co-Wash. 

Using a shampoo alternative post-bleach has completely changed the look and feel of my client’s strands, leaving them soft and shiny.

For a new take on shampoo, try a shampoo alternative. This ultra-nourishing product can help to preserve color and maintain integrity – for the perfect service, every time.