The Eraser for Hair Color!

An obvious use of 10N is for a blonde Highlight or an “On The Scalp Blonding Application”.

10N is a great tool for preventing over deposition of tone when using a high lift blonde. It can be a nightmare when the tones process too saturated at the hairline or on “pigment deficient” (grey) hair.

Our usual solution is to take Enlightener (a bleach) and shampoo to rid the hairline of unwanted saturated tones; of course we then end up with the problem of a gold hairline!
What we should be doing
Simply apply 10N while your high lift is processing and it will eat up some of the tone the color is depositing. This technique prevents over-saturation… gone are the “my pretty pony pink” hairlines!

When working on a new growth application keep 10N handy for those stray hairs, which accidentally get color on them. There are times color can drop onto mids & ends and leave spots in your blondes!
What we could do
Instead of point cutting out “Baby Spots” after the hair is dry… use 10N, while the new growth is processing, to erase the unwanted shadows in the hair from the new growth formula.

10N is a great fashion color Remover! I find 10N to be the best Nitro Dye or Direct Dye remover.It takes out the color molecule and leaves the blonde toned.
The diameter of the hair shaft will determine which developer you should use with 10N. I find that I use 20 and 30 volume most often.
How to
Apply 10N + Catalyst to dry hair and watch the magic!

Go forth and erase!