Grasping the Grey


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Grey For Necessity

By the age of 50, most women will be 50% grey thanks to genetics. With statistics like these the knowledge for dealing with Grey hair in the Salon has never been more vital

Visit the important characteristics of grey hair and explore unique formulation that are available to you. Does your guest want an opaque, blended or sheer result? Come learn the options of these different

“Finishes” that you can use every day and learn how to consult with your special guest.

Grey for Fashion

Grey Formulas for funky fashion. Does your guest want something like a steel grey or festive lilac? Take home Best Practices, Tips and Insider Tricks for creation and application. Visit how to assure the longevity of these fun fashion formulas.


  • Knowledge you need for dealing with Grey hair

  • Characteristics of grey hair

  • Finishes

  • Grey hair for fashion


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