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Hair Color Magic Essential… Now What?  
1 day course

Thank you for investing in the craft of Hair Color
For Salon Owners & Managers, I want to give you some insight on what your team has experienced and to help you set them up for continued success. For those of you who participated in the course, here are the key points we covered: 

  • Fundamentals of How We See Color - How light works and how it relates to hair color. Learning the variables of hair color and how they affect our formulas.
  • Developers - Why choosing the incorrect Color Catalyst can alter your end results.
  • Texture Type and Density - How this variable affects our tonal outcome and how we can adjust our formulas using this effective guideline.
  • Natural Remaining Pigment Chart - The piece of information in formulation that most colorists do not understand.
  • Lifting and Depositing Chart - Taking a new approach on the NRP chart. Connecting it to How We See Color and Why helps us without Pure Tone Choice.
  • Neutralizing Color - Quick and Fun approach to Pure Tone Choice.  
  • Formulating - The path to putting our fundamentals to work.
  • A New Direction - Connecting all of the variables to see the Path of Formulation
  • Test Your Skills - Scenarios
  • What’s In Your Bowl? 
  • Checking Your Formula - This is a way to check a formula for predictable results 
  • Will it Work - Scenarios

How can you help implement your team’s use of their HCM knowledge? Throughout the HCM course, we talk about how to incorporate the new information into your team’s new information into their workday. They should not try EVERYTHING they learned on EVERY client, as they will run out of time and end up  overwhelmed.  Make sure they incorporate the new information slowly as they gain confidence with the concepts. I am sharing the Suggestions Of Implementation with you so you know what to expect and can support your team. As a fellow salon owner, I want to make sure that your salon and your team is set up for success.

Key Points
We discussed the fundamentals of hair color on how we see color. There are variables that must be considered: texture, type and density of hair. These variables affect which type of formula we use: Soft, Standard, or Strong, as well as developer strength.
You should notice a change in the team's formulas and pure tone usage. Also, they will be combining developers, for example 10 /20 volume or 20/30 volume. The mixing of developers is not recommended by Aveda, however, adjusting and combining developers works well in the new growth formula to prevent a “Hot Root” effect.

Checking Formulas:
Your amazing team member has learned a fun way to check a formula to make sure the end reflective tone is what they want to see. It was suggested to team members arrive early to the salon, on their own time, to check formulas for the day, and to adjust what they need to make their formulas successful.
Some Owner/Managers are allowing the colorist take their client’s travelers home to check their formulas the night before, so the colorist will not run late for their appointments.

Suggested dialogue for selling services and pre-booking:
Creating dialogue to suggest dimension/texture in the hair equals up-selling their guest’s service. This is where the colorist tests strand formulas and gets the client excited about their next appointment. Make sure the stylist writes the formulas down and what they are going to do on the next appointment.
Create dialogue to make the team feel comfortable with pre-booking and up-selling their services. The colorist needs to have a clear consultation so the guest knows what to expect for their next service. Price is an important aspect of up-selling services.
Proper Removal of Hair Color/ After Treatments/ Home Care:                                                                            Understanding why Hair Color fades and how to prevent fading is discussed throughout the day. Home care is a topic we teach to help our Guests control porosity issues in the hair. Porosity issues are one of the fading factors of hair color.

How to incorporate the Course Objectives  

  • First Day 
    Taking it to the salon  
    Assess Texture, Type and Density to make sure Formula Types and developer choices are correct. 
  • Second Da
    Check formulas for predictable end results. 
    Assess Texture, Type and Density to make sure Formula Types and developer choice are correct. 
  • Third day 
    Create New Formulas for Guests 
    Check formulas for predictable end results. 
    Assess Texture, Type and Density to make sure Formula Types and developer choice are correct.