Technical Color Correction


Pure Benefit Points Eligible

1 Day $400.00

2 Days - $700.00


Technical Color Correction

This course addresses the Technical Confidence and Approach to Color Correction/Change that happens in our salons daily. 

With ever-changing trends and the need to create revenue for the “in between” 10-12 week appointment; this class delivers tools to help build confidence and teaches fresh approaches to different Color Correction/Change scenarios. 

- This Course can be taken as a 1 Day or a 2 day Class


1-Day Course

  • Visit 4 concepts, for a successful business, addressing Color Correction/Change

  • Hands on Mannequin Workshop 

  • Specific techniques that address Color Correction/Change issues

  • Expand your application with commonly used techniques for different effects

  • Business tools for a successful service

2-Day Course

  •   Expanded Hands on Mannequin Workshop

  •        Two additional Technical Scenarios

* Day 2 must be taken with and following Day 1